Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Painting released "ISLAND LIFESTYLE"

I just released my latest work titled Island lifestyle
My vision of life on the edge in Hawaii with a true mix of culture and contemporary art.
The original artwork is 2o"X52" on aluminum. Limited prints are now available this coming week.
They can be ordered in two sizes and prices start at $250.00 for signed limited editions. Go to to place your order.


Ricky said...

Hello Dennis
i like you color and following vision and make all this to great fineart.

still following you and try take u whit me i all i do on www.and that way let soo many now how great work to get inspiration in true arbrush and that way you master it.

thanks alot over there on hawai island.nice regards ricky

soon som of mine art is to find inspiration find true you and many other things-still and all-ways new in airbrush but i see i have hand for it.
sorry for mine writing english.

cosmicairbrush said...

Thanks Ricky.
I hope to see some of your work soon.
Aloha from Hawaii Dennis