Sunday, December 14, 2008


Mathewson give details to the original that took 3 months to paint

I also introduce an artist (fellow air brusher) close friend of mine Steve Matson www.stevematsonart. who hung his work for the first time in a gallery (wow! How great for him) I was happy to see it happen for Steve as he and I go back almost 30 years. He and I airbrush T-shirts together in the early days when i first came to Hawaii in 1981. He since moved away and now lives in LA working for Sony as a highly desired cinema background artist. He has worked on famous movies like Star wars, Narnia, Beowulf, Polar express and many more. He still airbrushes and paints and now is featured in Diamond head gallery on Maui as well. He is also a Tiki head like myself. Now that we have officially released Coconut wireless It has been published and is available as limited edition canvas and metal prints. The original is 14"X60" on aluminum all painted in solvent base colors.

             Dennis releases Coconut Wireless to Diamond Head Gallery 
STEVE MATSON Dennis' long time good friend
and artist-airbrusher
Dennis finishes 4 originals paintings that have been 75% prepared
before the show while the crowd watches
Big turn out at 736 Front street Lahaina,Maui
For more info on the art or prints call 1-800-354-7344